Little One

“Little One”, a treasured name The drops of gold in a darkened flame A weak thing over the strong pulls You don’t know your power, be merciful O your eyes! Hide those still Who could bear its memory comfortably   The ebony flower, plucked from a burning star. Once again in mid-December, it’s lost paradise, … Continue reading Little One


Truth Songs

  When about you I think, It is as if I were taking the sea To quench my thirst: I drink and drink, A whole river full, My mind is not satisfied. Love comes in this darkness too, Through the light of your eyes.

Homo sapiens

Chained to life by flavours and varieties The taste of every fresh fruit from Eden. Convulated wild emotions, permutations, cravens distilled on a dry palate, salivating for more. The road wide, uncramped with broken destinations No escape! The frail truth of the man kind.