The life of two

What is left? I came only to look for me, - tiny broken pieces of a splintering soul, reflected by the moonlight above. Like goblets of fire, They cling to my eyes, leaving a little space for tears. In that small empty space – what I found - was the greater me.   If I … Continue reading The life of two


In the garden

Nothing left covered, nothing Lost, Nothing holding me back, Nothing in-between. Like hot water meeting cold. When it loses its rainbow colors, fades into one.   The torrents become boisterous Overflowing bridges.   Hurricanes gushes from mountain to mountain Gracefully. Like fishes in a desert plain   At the end all waters flow to the … Continue reading In the garden

Homo sapiens

Chained to life by flavours and varieties The taste of every fresh fruit from Eden. Convulated wild emotions, permutations, cravens distilled on a dry palate, salivating for more. The road wide, uncramped with broken destinations No escape! The frail truth of the man kind.