The Silent sound of bitter

Hidden tensions within my head disguise as gestures of a dark circle Brightened by the layers of voice - and thought in an unbreakable movement.   If from afar I could utter and say in a language beyond these words How I feel every single day I'd find equilibrium between anger and love.



In vain I was chained - yes at my birth Not the first and not the last Like a charm I have been walking in circles The circles now holding my neck tight Carrots do not grow on trees or you pluck oranges underground Then how can I be free when my skin stains the … Continue reading Disappear

Silent Waves

Your face making headway My mind remained quiet I looked for the treasured whispers And the round echoes broken silence and sound ghosts Is this glass to blame? For its very biting pours Sliding through my heart Numbers upon untold numbers Mending threads cutting every scar Can I be that tough and cry in the dark Until the smile blinks in the broken sky Like the ring of gold turning black