Then, Who Am I.

If I was a tree you’d mold in your hands the very best of loam, for my root to blossom and grow into a fine shape. The shape of freedom. Giving you shade from the blistering elements in every inch of distance. If I was a country you’d hoist my flag swamped with the rainbow. … Continue reading Then, Who Am I.


Silent Waves

Your face making headway My mind remained quiet I looked for the treasured whispers And the round echoes broken silence and sound ghosts Is this glass to blame? For its very biting pours Sliding through my heart Numbers upon untold numbers Mending threads cutting every scar Can I be that tough and cry in the dark Until the smile blinks in the broken sky Like the ring of gold turning black


Come around soon And lets hold merry hands Under the the blistery moon Come around and take Me up, truth be told If nothing else for living’s sake Come around please I'm getting more faithless While lonely heart unease Come around still The hollow seashore footpath And the last broken piece of me fill

Moving lanes

The day is dead and the night lingers Down by the river, It’s been a while All I remember is washing through my fingers I called you in the quiet, Where did you go What will you bring from the watery ghost If I walk through this darkness and cold blaze Would it be the gentle touch of warm hands - like always? I think this is the last time, We’d be in circles - Wont we? Why should I be happy, many bones in my closet Hope broken down, I’m drowning