we followed the footsteps
through clay stained path
with hope of your fountain to get
the day gone dark
toads and marine whispers
as fishes catch moon’s light
Why yet hope glitters
like the last of night has come
Tomorrow’s journey began
With behind our home
prayers and incantation given
only the memories of your face
keeps these road alight

Pregnant tears and shadows
with the clock ebb and flows
we’ve gone far
closer more to the end
the edge of our existence
have lost too much
now, to lose our tracks
aroma of death breaths
whence it comes from
is it you or your corpse?

at the shore our spirits thought
maybe you’ve gone to fish
to prepare us dinner
or it’s just our wish
to see your love sooner
have you gone to tell
the clans of our arrival
we’ll wait for that as well

in your mirror the sand is white
the face look familiar though
the man in our village
he has taken your ferronic soul
mighty warriors he strikes
virgins with him stride
the lantern has been bath
with the blood of the sea
cooking our wounds in its salt
as dreams now slumber
while we watch the cold sea breeze


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