You have gone home
when the eagle can no longer
hare or rabbit game
the mind growing older
favourite chorus not sing same

you have gone home
when the ink dis-correlate
like the doors of former verses shut
the town crier out of job
and the gong’s own strength rust

you have gone home
how can the children dance
when silent is wisdom
leaving the village square dark
when the moon is truly not home

you have gone home
no metallic stings
or gulping pellets
from the old white king
he spoke in tunes of wisdom
that was not enough

you have gone home
with thy maiden’s sobs
when the stars whispers
through the window
some of it’s mighty thoughts

you have gone home
to the city of the prophets
decorated falcon walls
with ever opened gates
walkins and lonely falls

you have gone home
and let the door ajar
footsteps following foes
behind, near or far

you have gone home
but what is home to us
when the foundation is gone
and no concrete cross
of a fleshless bone

you have gone home
when the tears of cloudy skies
was the hope of keeping our dreams anew
and the blood lines
draw a mighty nation through few.

You have gone home
the place we can not name
or how long you’ll stay
please come back all the same
february, april or in may


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