the coldness of the silence
with heavy eyes gasping
for the hope of the very next
bath of such sweetness
the journey of rest
ARISE ARISE – but? arise
should I’ve to run for my life – MAYBE
YES or NO – the rod says
cold air lunged
as vein’s music banged
rain? YES wash my pain
NO you must wake from this
DREAM – I have come
that you may know this
ah! the spine speaks
in such a familiar language
and dialects like yesterday
have the faces of your sons
washed away from mirror
they don’t work here
but the night in her old age
have birth a dawn clear
with the smile of the moon’s fear

whispering crickets afoot
with echoes of losing
the uprising vegetation
YES SIR TOO – our fate
and destiny lie now in our hop
quick short march before too late
through these entangled crop
of giant white clouds
bathed with thundering sound
RUN YES RUN or fall to the ground


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