Eight years have washed away my tears
pain and hurt but not my love
and joy of the best of what you were
So its not a time to cry
but a time to say thank you
I wish there was enough time
for me to show how I mean it
But I guess that’s what life is all about diamonds are rare
I don’t consider it a loss
because we are now three in your place
I wish you can see how
we your boys have grown
and trying hard to fit into those shoes you left
that would be very hard though
alas we’ll try our best
Nothing more than to keep celebrating what
a life so short can bring alive in the long run
Don’t think we have forgotten
how can we forget who we are?
‘Cause that’s you- no us without you.

Remembering those times
there was no rice or stew
but as always you paid the price too.
We didn’t understand what
that meant for you
’cause you kept it all buried in your smiles
and travel through these life’s jungle
Then how can we be afraid
when you’re just ahead of us.
You held our lives in your palms
Not for long? That’s not true
as long as we’re alive there’d be
no other guardian angel like you.
It costs a lot to miss you, let’s be indebted
for life to pay that debt. Please be kind enough
to know we would forever love you
even if we get back to the earth

I scramble through my brain
to look for the right word
and I get that whisper PRECIOUS LIGHT
I know JAH keeps your soul as a gem
till that time when we would
walk the earth again
We’re alright that you’re alright there
So I would never say goodbye
but see you later
As I’m walking near


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