My nostrils is constantly
Insatiable from the fragrance
Of fluid pouring out
These everlasting fountains
Dyke of ever boiling thoughts
Let it speak quickly
Don’t ever shut its mouth
Let it teach us its love
While staining virgin sheets
Who can break this bond
And stop the consummating clicks

Here or there does it matter
Though you can start from the top
Do it slow and better
As you walk your way down to the spot
Yes this is the way master
On the table or the cot
Emotions are growing
As cursive as possible
For this I have longing
To stay in blue or black tanned bossom
Like putting one or two together
In a warmly bedlock

It feels good I’m crying
Not lost but lust
Boiling sweat dripping
As wood’s Heart rusts
Seven mountains seven seas
Through moving metals
And caring polythene
Finally met my lover
Let’s make a movie scene
Eyes closed or opened
You are always here
I hope this is heaven
Or I’m in a better hell
Don’t tell me about this dream
As life seems good to me
Despise not this cream
This has been our destiny


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